Saturday, May 23, 2009

Government Blocks.. on MY Internet?

Sorry, what part of "stay the fuck out of my internet" does the Rudd government NOT understand? Slimy little Labor fingers are not welcome in the pie that is my e-content and they never fucking will be. I did not go to watch child pornography. I clicked a link to an animation called "Life Of A Jar". You can find it, I'm sure. While it has sexual references and implications, it's not even porn at all.

The Australian Government has some moralistic lobbyist stick up their backside so far that they're probably tasting wood. As such, they are trying to block sites containing violent, 'inappropriate' or child pornography. This is waiting until the horse is a continent away before slamming the stable door and proceeding to whip the rest of the stock. It's a dupe designed to help those who aren't sure about the deep dark recesses of the internet feel more secure in their ignorance, putting everyone else who might stroll those locals for entertainment on occasion in the limelight as paedophiles and freaks should they choose to speak out. That's blackmail of reputation. Base tactic.

So again, fuck you Rudd.

This waste of money comes in the face of a recession where it would be better spent in other places, not slowing down the internet for the people of this nation. It's ineffective. It's undemocratic. It's a pain in the arse and it cannot hope to cover the material it is trying to. Take this shit down.


  1. That is kind of fucked up the internet is free and blocking it is a new low for the Australian Government. I have friends that work in Australia at the moment and you are not the first person I hear complaining abut this. What I’m asking is are the people of Australia not trying to do something but that?
    my friend is still having to wait until games such as manhunt are up on the torrent sites because he can’t buy them .
    I just have to say it is sad

  2. Oh I intend to stir up all sorts of shit if they actually go through with this. Keep an eye out in the media and online.